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Dan Conway

I never, ever said that you don't look 25. That was one of those "no win" situations where no matter what my facial expression or words communicated to the contrary you somehow recognized "skepticism". You still look 25 and always will in my book! For me however, the common greeting from friends has been "Hi Dan, have you been ill?"

Jen Dracos-Tice

ahh boobs...did I ever tell you about pumping in my upstairs classroom, door locked, gazing out the uncovered HUGE windows into the woods, when suddenly a guy in a crane lowers down from the roofline to wash my windows? And I wasn't wearing a cover at all...

Loved this. Yes, the best is yet to come. I'm digging the feeling of experience and how much richer that is making my life with my children and my teaching.

Victoria Cullen

Hi Eileen,
Daniel passed on your blog info thru Kev at Peggy's 80th and I've been following ever since. You are an amazing writer and even though the days of breast-pumps and diapers are long past (the diapers may make a comeback - for me!), I am finding a lot to relate to and am enjoying each post. Keep up the great work! Hope to see you all soon :)

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