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Great story, well written and honest. First, you were never a dork. Second, you are a great dad. Third, sounds like you gave your son all the tools he will need to be happy. Can't ask for more old friend. Be proud; you made it: all the way, in every aspect of life.


thanks, Ed. This is actually dan's wife, Eileen. Dan would indeed agree with you that he was never a dork ;)

Nancy Hole

very,Wonderful,ms. ei....too many wonderfuls to reply to all. i learned about Danny more in this blog than in all his terrific 5 years. I can still remember a million yrs ago when i was in that horrible gym outfit, chubby,and dying to be picked for something. i loved sports, but didn't participate. tell Danny i get the no eye contact now. Tell him once i tried to stop time by thinking very hard but only made myself dizzy....but didn't master his brain thinking and outward thinking at the same time. wow. wonder if sometime he would like to tell stories via recorder. but i think he lives good stories. i love that he loves the outdoors; i tried to fly once about his age, good thing it was only off a few steps and not the roof. tell Danny his great-grandpa James Lester was a great whistler; his great-grandma Mae didn't do too badly and y.t. loved to whistle, too. in grammar school and in the cloak room hanging up my coat, i got in a little trouble because i was absentmindly whistling very loudly. i love your blogs. thank you. Aunt N. xo p.s. Tell Danny yesterday when walking through the apt. complex I saw a duck happily swimming in our creek runoff...I quacked, quacked, but the duck didn't quack back...and i'm quite a good quacker. It's great to be 5; it's great to be any age; it's great to have a great family such as yours.

Emma McCulloch

I agree with Ed...brilliantly written and very honest. So sweet. I too was picked last in gym class. Couldn't run and my coordination was horrible! You are always so humorous. But above all, what it has taken me 35 years to learn, is that everyone is different, we should embrace everyone's differences and love them nevertheless! Go Danny!

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