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too funny and SOOO true. i'm a friend of melissa sheridan's who occasonially reads your high-larious blog. i have a daughter and i have a perma-bump. and i'm SICK of people asking me if i'm pregnant again. *seriously* considering a plastic surgery consult. WTF??!!


thanks so much! I know, I feel your pain. I must say when my kids start smacking my "big belly" before we make the walk to the pool then it really makes you feel good. Thanks for reading--and for commenting :)


I am SO there. I used to love my stomach, and I'm so so so sad to see what's left of it. Yes, I gained too much weight with both my pregnancies. But I think so much is genetics, and I just have all the winners: stretch markes, cellulite, loose skin. I know a few women who somehow kept the flat stomach, but I be they would say that THEY don't feel tha their post-baby tummies are the same. I know we should be proud of what our bodies can DO, but it's still just a fact that it's sad to see what they look like AFTER what they do.

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