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TRICIA @Nightowlmama

I too am a bit of a crier myself and I so understand what you were going through. I'm sure as the month has gone by things have become better for you and your finding time to fit those things in your day that was often hectic to drag the kids along to. Like shopping. I now take the days I drop my preschooler off and I'm down to one child to fit those shopping trips in. Some how it just seems so much more relaxing. Enjoy those little projects she'll be bringing home for your refrigerator. Those will be the one's you cherish the most.

Enjoy them while they are little the grow up so fast.

Meg Cullen Holm

Eileen, I don't really want to bug you, but I've been missing you! I know you're busy with work and the kids, and so this is just a note to tell you that my weeks haven't been quite complete w/out reading about you and your family...

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