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HOW fun is that. you met the president that is awesome.

Sorry your little guy had to move his desk i hated that when I was in school .
Funny I'm almost 2 yrs older than you, and swore my life would be different as well. I wanted to be a stewardess on an airlines so i can fly all over the world and visit everywhere!!

Dreams are never ment to be given up on. Keep up the great work and write about what interests you.

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This is such a great and true sentiment! I think that everyone, whether they think about kids or not, starts out thinking about fame and fortune and me, me, me! Okay, a lot of us still think me, me, me, but it's a bit more subtle. I always resisted this change into "mommy" because I thought being "mommy" meant I couldn't also be ME. No, I'm not famous or published or having some kind of crazy life like I thought when I was younger. But I have more blessings (and disasters that I can laugh about) than I thought, and often they come in the smallest packages, like an un-asked-for kiss from my boys.

Also--we have those same green rain boots! :)


Love love love this one, e!! I was actually having my own wistful moment last week. Where are my sloppy (your words) and loveable danny, annie, and jay?? Or the talent to pen these blogs? I would trade places with you any day. Hugs.

Jess @ Bringing Up Baby

Umm, this post is my life. I was meant to be a famous singer or actress or writer (famous for either writing the next great american novel or riveting screenplay -- I'm not picky). Instead I'm a fairly unremarkable wife and mother. Other than being the best mom I can be to my son, I have no discernable remarkable talent. With my hair in a ponytail and a baby on my hip, you wouldn't look twice at me if you passed me in the store.

Even though marriage and kids were AWAYS in my life plan, this is not how it was supposed to look. 16 year-old me would be seriously disappointed with this life.

And yet, I'm happy. For the most part, I am absolutely over the moon with my life. Being a mother to my son and constantly working at being the best wife and friend possible is my life's work. And it's small and unremarkable, but I wouldn't trade it for all the fame and recognition in the world.


.... and I was meant to be a Broadway singer!! That was my dream :)

Eye care

Nice story, thanks for sharing! This happens to me to be nostalgic and to remember the various events of the past. I think this happens more, once we get older.

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